Monday, April 16, 2012

A Passion Kiss in the rain...

As I was writing another post to my blog, I realized that I did go and cross this item off my list back when it happened in September, but I did not write about it.  Logan deserves his credit as being an amazing husband who from time to time, can be wildly romantic.  

We were traveling through Italy on our vacation back in September.  (Already romantic.)  We made our way into Cinque Terre, which is this beautiful little chain of coastal towns along the northern Italian coast.  It has beautiful views of both the mountains and the water.  When we arrived, we had just experienced one of the longest travel days of our lives.  (You can read about it in the blog I kept while in Italy.)  It was evening and it had been raining all day.  We just got done eating and were going to head back to our hotel room walking in the rain.  We were already soaked and not quite ready to head inside.  We spent the whole day trying to get there and we were not ready to call it a night yet!  

We walked along the boardwalk above the beach, taking the long way home when Logan stopped me in the middle of my sentence with a long passionate kiss.  He smiled and looked in my eyes and said, now you can cross something else off your list.  Every girl's dream is to travel to Italy with their partner, and Logan helped make that happen for me.  One of the biggest reasons why I love him so much is how he is always supportive of me and all my dreams, whether it is with my career, hobbies, or crazy vacations, he is always there by my side.  Now everyone all at once go 'aaaaaaawwwwwwweeeeeee'!

This is one of my favorite photos that I took that same night right after the rain cleared for a little while.  I loved how the beaches were completely empty and the smell of rain and ocean water mixed.  When we got back to our room we sat on the patio and enjoyed a bottle of wine while listening to the amazing sound of nothing.  Beyond the kiss, that was a night that I will never forget.  I've never felt that at peace.  

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