Sunday, November 20, 2011

Experienced autumn in central park

Oh Florida, how I love thee.  I am a born and raised Floridian.  We have 3 seasons - Comfortable, Hot and Hotter.  We get to wear jackets for about 1 week at the most each year which is why most of my jackets and boots were over 10 years old before I started working for a company that had restaurants in the mid-west.  I invested in a 'winter coat' for the first time last year.  I say these things because for most people, experiencing autumn is something that happens every year.  When they think of autumn, they probably think of the time of year that their yard is full of all those damn leaves that they have to rake right before the time of the year that their yard is full of all that damn snow they have to plow.  While a Floridian looks at is with these outsiders goggles thinking about all the beautiful colors the trees make combined with the crisp fall air that doesn't have a drop of humidity.

This year I got the opportunity to travel with my girlfriends to New York City for a weekend.  Merissa and I took advantage of being in the city and enjoyed all the touristy activities including taking a long walk in Central Park.  We traveled there in the middle of October and enjoyed the cool crisp air  and the beautiful trees turning colors.  It was my first experience as a 'leafer' and I did it with my best friend by my side.  I chose to only share a few photos on this site but the truth is Merissa had to deal with me taking a photo of every leaf I saw that was a different color besides green.  Oh look at that one!  You mean the one that looks exactly the same as the other 15 you took photos of?  How much longer are we going to do this (she wonders.)  Two hundred photos later...  It was the perfect way to check this off my list.

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