Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The List (30 things before 30)

1.    Start my own website/blog
2.    Cage Dive with great white sharks:  Failed Attempt. 
3.    Run a half marathon
4.    Stand up paddle surfing
5.    Have a passionate kiss in the rain
6.    Buy a very nice camera and take a photography class
7.    Take a cooking class
8.    Go ziplining
9.    Go on a trip just with my dad
10.   Go on a trip just with my mom
11.   Become actively involved in a charity I am passionate about
12.   Memorize my 10 favorite bible verses
13.   See the sun rise and set in the same day on a boat
14.   Learn how to ballroom dance 
15.   Do the Yuengling Brewery Tour
16.   Go vegetarian for a month
17.   Go somewhere to actually experience an Autumn (leaves changing and play in them!)
18.   Plant a tree on my birthday
19.   Sing a favorite song in front of a crowd of strangers
20.   Go to a matinee by myself
21.   Do something with all the hundreds of photos I have in random places
22.   Decide for good whether I want a tattoo or not
23.   Go car shopping, pick out and pay for the car I want
24.   Shoot a gun (at a gun range)
25.   Ride a motorcycle
26.   Write the people who I care about the most a letter telling them I love them
27.   Pay for a stranger’s meal at a restaurant
28.   Go paintballing
29.   Dedicate 3 months to getting in the best shape of my life and get photos done to remember it
30.   Go somewhere fabulous to celebrate my 30th birthday

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