Monday, November 12, 2012

Bruises Fade. Wounds Heal. Winners last forever.

The Battle Field
Silence crept across the barren battle field while we took our positions.  The air was cool and crisp but all I could feel was the warmth of my breath against my mask.  Heart racing while I prepped my weapon.  Then it came - the sound that the war has begun.  Quickly I darted for cover while I staked out the enemy.  The popping sound of guns were ringing in my ear.  One by one soldiers hit the floor.  It came down to two of us.  Only one could make it out alive.  I wasn't ready to give up the fight.  Slowly, I picked out the right timing to make my move into the enemy territory.  I gazed around the field and saw my target.  It was time to take him out.  The shootout began.  Rapid fire exploded across the field because neither of us are going to surrender.  Then it happened.  POP!  The enemy has been hit.  I was victorious.  

Team Barile AKA The Assassins
Yes, I am being quite dramatic with this bucket list item.  But this week, I crossed paint balling from my list.  My sweet friend Betty has been very encouraging of me during my 30 before 30 experiment.  She found a living social deal for paint balling at a place in Lutz.   We gathered up some other soldiers and the 8 of us headed out on Sunday to take the field.  Most of us were playing for the first time, but we had a few veterans as well.  We split our group up into two teams of 4 and played various rounds on 3 different courses.  I was pretty stoked when I finished the first round as the last man standing.  Everyone was in complete shock.  I did take a little offense to the fact that everyone expected me to be one of the first guys out, until we played our second round when I was instantly taken down.  I was quickly humbled.  

You Don't Want to Mess with Me

The Face of a Warrior
Team Victorious!

All the Soldiers Ready to take the Field
Honestly, I haven't had that much fun in a long time.  We are talking about making it an annual event.  Paint balling was a great rush and also a reminder of how out of shape I am.  I was getting killed by a group of 10 year old punks so badly it was comical.  But a great time nonetheless.  

Even after an epic battle, we can still be friends.

I will make one suggestion to anyone who is thinking of taking the field, especially to the ladies.  You will bruise.  The paint balls did not hurt when they hit, but they did leave some serious marks.  If you are going to try paint balling, go in the winter when long pants are a daily fashion choice.  Thanks to the beautiful marks on my legs, I will not be wearing shorts in public for a LONG time!

But, you can't go to war without a few scars, so in the words of Betty 'the fighter' Veinger - 

Bruises Fade.
Wounds Heal.
Winners Last Forever...

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