Sunday, August 26, 2012

The Happiest Place on Earth...

Okay, so maybe the Yuengling Brewery isn't the 'happiest place on earth' but anywhere you get a history lesson about the country's oldest brewery followed by free beer is pretty amazing in my book!  

The day started in one of the best ways possible.  My husband and I were celebrating 10 years since we started dating and I was woken up with a sweet kiss and breakfast waiting for me.  Pretty great start to my Saturday.  Logan had planned an afternoon of activities for us.  He started off by telling me how much I inspire him and this 30 before 30 challenge was an example of that, so he wanted to help me cross something off my list.  (I really did marry one of the good ones.)  We enjoyed our breakfast, got dressed and were on our way.

The brewery had a decent crowd of people.  We had a cute little tour guide who was studying history at USF.  Not a bad gig for a college job!  She showed us around the facilities and we learned all about the process of how beer is brewed from start to finish, including the bottling line.  The coolest thing we saw was the canning process.  It is pretty cool to see how they get that cold delicious beer into the aluminum cans.  

The tour took about an hour and took us back to the hospitality house where we were treated to two free beers.  They had their special Oktoberfest beer available, which of course I had to try.  I followed that up with their Porter which has a very creamy silky finish that was delicious.  

As we finished our beers and picked out some goodies from the gift shop, Logan shared the next stop on our agenda.  He explained that one of his favorite things about me is how much I value traditions and creating memories.  One of the stories that I have told him over and over again was how my dad would sneak us into Busch Garden's through the maintenance entry so we could spend the afternoon riding roller coasters, followed by a hot dog at Mel's Hot Dogs.  So of course, while we were in the area, Logan had to treat me to a Chicago Dog and a Yuengling Lager.  If you have never been, it is a Tampa staple and you truly are missing out on an experience!

The rest of the day was spent the way most of our Saturdays end up, just hanging out, laughing with each other and enjoying each other's company.  It was a great reminder why we have shared 10 years together and an awesome way to cross another item off my list.

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